Combine Unexpected Things-Bad Ideas, Great Results

So, this is another creative issue I keep finding in the ‘net.

People overcooking well, formulas and not pushing their boundaries.

To be creative or noticeable, you gotta do one particular thing.

Combine unexpected things. What i mean by that is well this.

What are some examples well things that are unexpected and really should

not work but they do?

Well, as a Certain Joe Rogan podcast guesting Naval stated.

Bear and a Ball, used in a circus fashion is something one simply doesn’t see.

So, to summarize the idea, it’s like this.

Bad Ideas-Great Execution.

So, to give a bit of context in the art world, it’s something along the lines of this.

Artists, those who have well actually made thier mark.

They have all these common traits,

They create thier own genre, they actually branch out from a simple thing but eventually decides to so a series of works that isn’t expected, but the results somehow worked out.

Let’s take a few examples but it’s creators like

Simon Stalenhang, Youji Shinkawa, Hayaoe Miyazaki, Y-Nakajima.

They tend to combine really, “unorthodox” things. (and really, they shouldn’t work, sounds almost like an abomination)

Ranging from real life setting given a scifi grafting, to doing Japanese Inks with a technical precision. Or just duct taping Children’s franchises with a Madmax style post apoc flair.

The Combinations are really bad on paper, but in execution, it’s great.

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