Innovative and Evocative take on Ink

Fond of working on his endeavors, always trying to push art forward while providing value to customers.

Known for His Evocative Brushwork. His subjects come to life, and has a certain look.
Fond of the Brush both western and eastern, Yutacustoms is an artist that relies on minimalist approaches in the right places. Though for sure, his style is quite eastern he has looked into the western culture and other contemporary cartoonists for inspiration and honing his ongoing skill sets.

What’s his favourite subjects? He actually has broad interests, ranging from the old, dark days of the middle ages, to the dystopian near future of cyberpunk, he does try to push his knowledge, boundaries of his subjects genre wise. However, his aesthetics, are a rather stark contrast to what he has been doing lately.

Using the brushpen an ever popular tool of choice for many artists, and cartoonists on social media, has been a standard tool for him in the last year or so. Depicting Industrial machines whether used for land development or warfare. It’s notable that the bold brushstrokes showcases a less tight aspect and focuses on the essence of the subject if you will.

Channeling the notable aspects of the vehicles and emphasizing the dry brush technique he uses to develop that gritty and muddy texture his used vehicles poses.

to get a bigger picture and the details of what he’s been working on.

Go to his blog here.

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