FAQ-frequently asked questions

list of commonly encountered questions and common/standardized answers that yutacustoms have in regards to his art and content.

⦁ You Do commissions?-Yes I do, message me or email me at yutacustoms1@gmail.com for inquries and details.

⦁ You Sell Prints?-Yes I do, either on etsy here https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/YutaCustoms or just through paypal works too if you have custom work in mind.

⦁ You Sell Originals?-Yes, just email or message for detials on how to get them.

⦁ What’s your quote for commissions for starters?(prints)

  • 9×12 inches-USD $140
  • 11×14 inches-USD $220
  • custom inches-USD $350+

Are You a working artist?-not really, but closer to a hobbyist that has been doing this for a decade or so, but open to projects and gigs though.

⦁ How much you sell your art for?-depends on the price, but the average amount for one of my work you see on the gallery will be starting at USD $250 at the least.

⦁ You Ship to my Country?-check the etsy FAQ for details, most country is green-lit to be sent, usually western nations.

⦁ You plan to do_______or________?-it all depends on if I have the energy and resources, plus the planning aspect of distributing the posting is taken into account too.

⦁ You have an Instagram or Twitter?-No, have left the scene for a while now.

⦁ Is there a way to get prints of________or_________?-Just message or email, will work out an arrangement.

⦁ Can I get a tattoo of one or your works?-Yes, assuming you have a courtesy to credit and do a degree of royalty too.

⦁ Can I post or use your work as assets such as articles, YouTube thumbnails and imagery, etc?-yes, assuming you have the good faith to credit and link them.

⦁ Can you do digital wallpapers?-depends on what you want and how-hidef you want it. Payment might be required for certain types.

⦁ Have you done projects for clients and customers?-in terms of ongoing ones yes, a few times with varying degrees of success. Mostly from the former fiverr I tried out.

⦁ Can we collaborate?-depends, send an inquiry with details