Why stick to a certain style-somethings don’t change, they simply evolve.

Well, this is a rather hot topic and always debated since the beginning of the art movements.
‘see here is a little lesson about style.

Artists that not only made it but made a cultural impact always did this. They sticked to a certain routine and style. Yes, they have what is essentially a handle, and well, that what made them notable in the first place.

True enough every artists do have their starting place from other people, but like the saying of great artists stealing, or rather re-interpreting it and having a fresh take on it.

But the reason why I tend to stick to my inks and refrain from well, solid opaque paint in general is this. I felt there was better reception and investment in the inking and washes method I have more or less dipped my toes in lightly years ago. It’s due to this particular event that I had a hunch to invest in a particular and niche down further into it.

Despite the so-called “growth” that artists should do when working with other mediums, that is a myth to me. Since I do know lots of wannabe artists that well, have dabbled, but have little impression to go by since they are so low-level and haven’t really found their “signature” as one can say.

Fom my limited perspective, it’s the idea that your work is so iconic that even by the thumbnail alone will identify you by a mere glance. At least I have that aspect nailed down with my general area and audience.

And here is anther thing to why I refuse to work with other mediums. I have little interests and served my time and energy during highlight to do these other curriculum, so I get it. And there was little practically to hoard all this useless things I frankly don’t care about after a year or so.

I’m simply being blunt. I don’t care about growth, because it’s overrated. It’s much easier to build up a narrow niche and get results and master it than to branch off and be well, a nobody.

At least people start to get my thumbnail alone.

Of all the great artist through history, they all had handles to go by, so it would be only for logical to emulate their habits. Key action or Mindset they took to get somewhere.

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