Fill your creative Pool

So, All creatives have this particular problem hat they face daily.

It’s the meter or pool of things to draw from for their creative work.

The Pool is used for well, this.

It holds the energy, references, resources to create work in a effective and efficient manner.

However in the current culture of grinding and hustling daily to a point of well, overworked death.

It’s a no wonder many creatives tend to either leave or do poorly in the field, it comes to well having a few things. Ranging from having a clear goal, or strategy, have some quality time for their selves to distance and see the bigger picture.

‘See, you can’t just keep grinding and expect quality work and that is well, not even a thing.

When i mean by filling your pool, this involves having time off from your well “quality” work but it doesn’t mean you are excused from mundane tasks that needs to be done. Chores will always be around.

When I mean by Quality work. It’s like this blog post that took a few days and thinking about the other line-up of work to think about, and doing the good draft usually takes up more of my willpower and intelligence(which have a time-cap actually) and it’s nonsense to do work when you’re not ready.

‘Like, when working on the larger scale things, I don’t go straight to ink and just “wing it”, it’s waste of well everything I have on my disposal and with limited resources and energy, that is well…


What is the better approach? Fill your creative pool, sketch more, take walks alone, and let the action of your strides generate ideas you can’t think up of on spot when stressed.

The Big issue with stress is that it actually lowers the quality and effectiveness of your work,

So grinding and working under poor conditions are the last thing you want to be doing when tackling creative work.

It’s better to deploy good judgement and discerning than just improvising it in the places I’ve been in. It saves a lot of trouble and stress.

So, learn to fill your pool and you will have less drought to plague you.

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