In regards to-Experts

Define Expert. Is is some mere uninformed socialized pleb that claims about this and that because he has access to fragmented information and somehow makes remote sense to him despite the lack of logic?

Or a highly educated and experienced individual that has a ting for making sense of what they know and have done to others in a digestible method?

The thing with experts is that there is a level of “expert” that many people have achieved through their careers weather a few hours, weeks, months, years, or decades.

Experts are people you go to for apprenticeships, and being under their wing until you have enough to go on your own.

They are the people who have online workshops wheather paid or free with various degree of values and try to get as much from them. While creating your own edge.

Experts are people if you trust them and have the results to back it up are something that will get you somewhere faster than just doing it on your own.

These are the Experts you want to learn from.

But with the distruptive case of the internet, you get a new slew of “experts”

Wannabes and Con-Artists, folks that have big claims and belives that they have the so-called authority.

They tends to be “experts” alright, experts in cuasing trouble and disinformation for newcomers and established ones to iron out.

Traits of a real expert


Have experience

focused on one or two skills


These traits will be more rare and rare as the rise of Online trolls, Conartists, and Even BOTS have started to take over the online world as a too fast pace, if not they are one of the rogue founders of the public internet.

Experts-someone you actually trust, has rare and valuable skills, reliable, and experienced in their niche or field. Bonus points for being their apprentices.

The Problem with Being the Next_________.

Often times, you get only one in a lifetime indivuals that creates something unique and valuable.

Perhaps a few centries ago, VanGoh, Leanardo, and all the old masters are prime examples.

This centruey, It’s going to be Karl Karson, Kim Gun Gi, and many many others.

Many people will to emulate them, but in the end, they might match up. Close, mere shallow copies, they will try.

However, one could never be the next________. Since it’s just not how it works, talent only comes once a lifetime. It’s just how it is.

Royalty on the other hand, they can heirs and a long line-up. But in the end they are rigged for their own political games and what-not. It’s a bubble in their case.

Face it, you can’t be the next Jim Lee, nor the Next Bansky, but you can be yourself at best. You might not be as famous, wealthy, nor have any of their perks, but there are hidden costs to being them too. So, you should be care of what you want to become let alone wish for.