It’s Thankless Work.

Many people out there, especially within the decade mark of Social media, has been “working” harder and harder to get more likes, reposts, follows, and all these vanity metric based things. It’s really no new issue here in the art or creative scene really. One might have to grind out an absurd amount of content to get somewhere, and even then…very few might notice, let alone care, and helps you getting somewhere. One can make a series of comics, pieces, and any body of work for everyone to see and consume for free. But the tab is one you by the end of the day.

It’s thankless work in a sense that people these days have such terrible attention spans and relies on shallow metrics to get a sense of “something”. A lot of people won’t see the hours, weeks, months, and even years of work you put in, and still not really care by the end of the day.

It’s thankless work, that the input maybe high, but the output and it’s yield is rather low.

It’s not for everyone, content creation, or trying out the social media economy.

It’s thankless work, but you might get skills, and lessons that will train you up for bigger things yet to come.

If you think that getting so-called compliments and praise from others just for the ordeal aspect of your work is worth investing the work in, don’t. Don’t think it’s worth it because it’s not.

What makes the thankless work worth it? Value, Results, Progressing. That’s what the thankless work is all about. Not about some shallow praise or fake internet social points and scores.


The mainstream is dying, or at least mutating to a point of becoming an inbred abomination. A shallow shell of the human species it has become due to over commercialization and exploitation.

But then again, there are the rise of Super/Hyper niche cultures. It might become a thing very soon with the rise of surface and deep digital and social credit surveillance. With the rise of the old-timer knowledge of notebooks and passed down generational skills and knowledge, just like apprentice and master.

Hyper niches is on the rise due to how saturated the internet and the globe is becoming. Being an exclusive will be the norm in certain sectors in order to persevere the art form and to prevent it from falling into other third parties.

Perhaps back in the last century, it was called Subcultures, but nowadays it has to evolve to meet the modern demands and pace of today. So the Hyper Niche has to be born.

It’s going in a direction where having a more closed tribal type of community to protect the individuals and small groups from over-exploitation will be common practice.