Why I snapped more than half my things away like a certain mad titan…

Well, at a teetering 2400 or less followers on my main account on Instagram and so. I had a hunch. A will to destroy what I have apparently created. Hoping to find more meaningful work in my own little sector and doing tasks I’m more suited for. The problem with social media is that well. It takes away my time and energy altogether. And after starting my IG account and running other things since 2017. I felt the least content making about 2000 or so posts in the years. Why am I doing this? I would ask.

Simple. There are no real results from the platform for me, perhaps I’m not suited for the society the platform has founded. As I blog this particular thing. More of my former places I have used to manage will be terminated. Systemically, and without mercy.

The Only things that may well be standing.

So, what is next?

The Site will go under more projects being published including my notable fanworks too. Perhaps this ‘Site’s main purpose is to hold and act as the main hub of all my presentable work both former and ongoing.

Blogs might continue, as long as what I have to say is significant to the Brand and other related fields in it.

There is no point in playing a game I’m quite mediocre at. And Social media nor online portfolios aren’t those.

all good things have to die…


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