Roughs Works-stuff that didn’t make it

Well, this is a thing where not too many people actually are aware off.

But, I have made a lot more art than people think.

Maybe about 2.5 times more than they think actually.

So, this goes into the world of rough sketches.

So, with the line of works like designers, character development, etc.

It’s key to well, having a place to start from.

Rough work is well, like the foundational, it’s so raw, that not many people will get it.

Unless the rough sketches are more or less done in a way that isn’t so abstract.

So, it’s the concept of drawing so raw that people can’t help it but notice it. Often with both

good and bad reception in mind.

It’s mostly catered towards the concept of filling in the blanks and see what direction or branch and idea can go.

Mind you ideas is the key, but designs and refinement makes it a reality.

It always starts off with ideas and well, that is how inventions, concepts, books, etc are all made.

With ideas, it’s thanks to the creative process of the modern era that these ideas can be realized in either psychical form or digital. And that’s what counts.

But, the rough ideas are still needed to make it.

So, in defense of the rough loose squiggly, they will be key to making a solid cool thing one day.

The freedom of rough sketches.

Well, it’s a type of thinning that comes with experience and trying to recapture that carefree attitude.

Like since it’s just copy paper with ballpoint, there is very little at stake here, the worst you can do is make a thousand mistakes and get the last few right.

If anything, roughs are great for practice and exploration of designs. Like, the possibilities are only limited to the type of tool, techniques, and ideas and visual pool you have at your disposal.

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