Artist Productivity and Improvement Tips-FRESH

So, this has been a recurring issue within the art circle. Sustaining creativity.

The main problem with creativity is this. It’s not consistent and that is the reason why many in the profession of doing creative work tend to struggle with, especially with the conceptual department.

But there is a simple strategy that can be used to alleviate the issues that is to be discussed with it.


It’s abbreviated as

  • Focus
  • Relationships
  • Energy 
  • Stimuli  
  • Hours

they are the building blocks to help you sustain your not creative juices but rather flow.

(creative juice is a lie by the way, it’s mostly about observing and looking at ways things around you can be made different, and build something not new but fresh or not really developed before to solve problems.)


There are usually big 3 things you want to work out on. It’s the case of using the 3 major things that bother you, always at the back of your mind. And tend to be the biggest challenges with the situation.

Use them as filter to seek out, and get insights in regards to these big 3 issues….

like common artists problem that could be part of the Big 3.

  • New Direction their art can go in.
  • Wondering if they should continue to invest in their current projects
  • Finding new clients that might like your portfolios.
  • The list can go on and is often dependent on the artist’s situation in mind, let alone if they are aware of what’s actually bothering them…


So, this is were who you know really helps…

like, think of your peers, clients, friends, etc. They might give you insights from their perspective if you ask them one of the Big 3.

  • So, seek out people who are on the higher level, mentors, and ask them. So that way you get a faster lead and result on what needs to be done.
  • Perhaps, ask your art peer on how to find a client who will look at your portfolio…
  • Or the customer on your online store, ask them what new series would they like to see…

Remember, Questions are your Pickaxes…


This is more on health but, the rundown is simple.

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

They will be the groundwork for you body and brain to work at an optimal level.

It’s underrated, and if your body doesn’t work at the optimal level, it won’t deliver as well. Remember, creative work is energy draining especially if you intend to do this almost daily. You’ll thank me later for this one. There are more resources in the back but keep to the 3 big basics.

Because, you simply can’t beat the basics.


So, people think that inspiration is all random and luck based. Let’s challenge that.

Be aware of what you’re taking in mentally.

Use the media, search engines, and books. Looking to seek what the new trends of art in 2020s will be like? Or How to make your portfolio noticed? Search and read them up. Write down the Big three and use them as a checklist when looking out there.

Let me repeat that. Be conscious of what you take in, so it will reflect what you will take out. Use the Focus section to filter out what you want to look for. Use your brain. You want to solve the problem on time and with ease here. So, stop being so distracted and get those 3 things done.


If you managed to use the calendar properly and with intent. You may well get somewhere.

But, to emphasize. Make time to work on the Big 3 throughout the week. Use them as your priority or the biggest grind per day. 2-3 of these should take your daily slot. And to add to the daily grind.

You only need to do 2-3 big things really. The rest is like trivial and has little actual effect on the big 3.

have time to do all the above.

  • From checking the Big 3 on Monday.
  • Asking People in your circle about Finding new Clients for portfolio showing on Tuesday
  • Take your basic essentials to get your mind and body moving to reset Wednesday
  • Use the search Engines with intent to seek more leads and results one of the Big 3. Thursday
  •  and the week is focused on finding ways to tackle the Big 3.

The Final take is this.

If you managed to leverage this weekly mindset to figure out what needs to be done.

Your creative work will be better managed and your life will get that 3x results.

I give the courtesy of this tactic and strategy to the one and only Todd Henry (author of The Accidental Creative) and the Productivity Game for the video links.

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