A Little Thing called Guerrilla Marketing

Scaraa, Toast, Lily, receiving my samples that I submitted from half a year ago, courtesy of offline-TV, link here

So, this is a rather under-used tactic in the indie artists circles, but has been around for along time in the company cultures spheres. Basically, the premise of sending sample works, and even securing sponsorship for say online influencers are something to get leverage on. This year’s attempt was done via Off-Line-TV, but the long-term results has yet to be studied.

Such as, will this feature be effective for the rest of the month, quarter, or year? Who knows.

Sending the right product or service, to the right people, in the right place and timing(which is big deal in this fast-moving world). Is key to getting the most of these moves.

Consider sending work to people with power, influence as an investment for all those artist needing exposure out there. And no, it’s not about shout-outs or anything like that.

The World moves too fast, but then again, with the internet giving abundance of leverage on a seemingly infinite level, the right type of decision making will reaps good rewards for sure.

During the golden era of YouTube (circa 2010-2016 approx), there where sponsors and loot crates style products that where sent to various channels, either they are still around or have become bankrupt from a *social equity standpoint.

*social equity refers to the level of influence that a Brand weather ‘Corps or Personal has in their accounts/platforms it’s a way for them to market themselves and command large waves of users/followers to do seemingly whatever they please. cite Gary Vaynerchcuk

Marketing for artists can come in many forms, but guerrilla will yield both good and bad results depending on if you know what you’re doing.

The Key thing is to get leverage via unorthodox methods and get’s people thinking about your brand despite not being a specific part of the main brand or attraction they signed up for.

You may not be able to self promote your work directly to the audience, but using the influences to access them will do the job of reaching them.

hence the “Guerrilla” Marketing.

So, if you a creator or someone who does product or service, consider sending your best and right kinds of samples to folks that will appreciate it and aids in your product placement.

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