2019 Sketches-Bio/Gore Punk concepts

so, other than trying to fill up a sketchbook that I bought to fill for 2019 during mid summer. I decided to try to get a tackle on doing more conceptual sketches again in more numbers like with the ballpoints and watercolors ones.

These are simple ideas or ideations of a pretty fringe thing. Maybe if they were recreated in pixel form complete with animations would they be better received.

4 thoughts on “2019 Sketches-Bio/Gore Punk concepts

      1. They did. The video is now age restricted due to other things. It was neat seeing Ur art in there. I love metroidvania and nightmare before Christmas type artstyles and I always thought that the dark souls concepts would look better in an artistic interpretation.

      2. it’s more important to get the idea across for the FromSoft’s. They have a crew of artist to pump out whatever they can think of, and their techniques is interesting for sure. What else is that because they are building a game, they need the practical aspects to make the character models too. Even Metal Gear and Death Stranding have to make spec sheets.

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