Boring but Profitable

This term, right here might be one of the most underrated things.

‘See, people these days want to go for something rather exciting and sexy to work on and talk about with their colleges and peers. It’s thanks to the old-world social status effects. But in reality, the cost of working on these exciting, and often unprofitable businesses aren’t worth putting your life’s risk at. Unless you have the guts and sheer insanity to do so.

Boring and Profitable is common in the marketplace actually. People(or BOTS?) online sell simple digital products and services in scale and overtime these things tends to sell like hotcakes.

Why? Because it’s practical to buy a PDF package with all the templates and instructions to newcomers needing affordable concepts that is easy to grasp. It’s like selling toilet paper, no one “wants” it, but then again it’s quite needed.

So, consider this, what you think is a boring but profitable niche?

My recent works for summer 2020

so, it’s been a while since writing about my actual art recently. Since the last major focus was on non-tangible abstract things right? Fear not, ‘been working on a few mockups of somethings. And despite their crude state, they might be worth investing in. Assuming I even care about these things for a bit more longer.

Adding more digital layers to my sketches and work in general has been somewhat of a dormant thing, despite me having a library and tutorial in regards to them should the day come. Yes, there are things like photo-bashing, speed painting and all those digital exclusive techniques. But then again using principles and elements of them to add to my sketches gives a new kind of dimension and possibility to their otherwise basic and just physically limited traits.

adding textures from assets taken from the ‘net, able to give a material feel to the designs and just insist that they are from our world.

Current ideas is to use this rediscovered digital techniques to make adequate mock-ups for possible clients and customers needing something that is fleshed out quick enough, but not overtly polished and taking too long.

Assuming my machine doesn’t kick the bucket and crashes due to the sheer amount of power needing to run the ‘shop and how rickety my machine is.

It’s a Compromise, But learn to live with it.

There are times, where that one thing, whether a project, or even a coveted item is well, compromised. Comprised? let’s define that term. Compromise is to be altered, tampered with or even just simple wear and tear if you have an old one sitting there.

But then again, it’s all about context of what is compromised, if you are working with scraps, cruds, or something just virtually salvageable. Just ditch it, learn to abandon the project or item and move on.

If you can learn from it’s mistakes and just build somethiing better than it, that’s a step forward.

There are cases of items or projects where it’s still salvageable, sure it’s might be not as pristine nor have its ideas hold up to the current standards, but then again, there are tales of these things being revived.

It’s all about how you want to move forward with it.

In regards to-Experts

Define Expert. Is is some mere uninformed socialized pleb that claims about this and that because he has access to fragmented information and somehow makes remote sense to him despite the lack of logic?

Or a highly educated and experienced individual that has a ting for making sense of what they know and have done to others in a digestible method?

The thing with experts is that there is a level of “expert” that many people have achieved through their careers weather a few hours, weeks, months, years, or decades.

Experts are people you go to for apprenticeships, and being under their wing until you have enough to go on your own.

They are the people who have online workshops wheather paid or free with various degree of values and try to get as much from them. While creating your own edge.

Experts are people if you trust them and have the results to back it up are something that will get you somewhere faster than just doing it on your own.

These are the Experts you want to learn from.

But with the distruptive case of the internet, you get a new slew of “experts”

Wannabes and Con-Artists, folks that have big claims and belives that they have the so-called authority.

They tends to be “experts” alright, experts in cuasing trouble and disinformation for newcomers and established ones to iron out.

Traits of a real expert


Have experience

focused on one or two skills


These traits will be more rare and rare as the rise of Online trolls, Conartists, and Even BOTS have started to take over the online world as a too fast pace, if not they are one of the rogue founders of the public internet.

Experts-someone you actually trust, has rare and valuable skills, reliable, and experienced in their niche or field. Bonus points for being their apprentices.

The Problem with Being the Next_________.

Often times, you get only one in a lifetime indivuals that creates something unique and valuable.

Perhaps a few centries ago, VanGoh, Leanardo, and all the old masters are prime examples.

This centruey, It’s going to be Karl Karson, Kim Gun Gi, and many many others.

Many people will to emulate them, but in the end, they might match up. Close, mere shallow copies, they will try.

However, one could never be the next________. Since it’s just not how it works, talent only comes once a lifetime. It’s just how it is.

Royalty on the other hand, they can heirs and a long line-up. But in the end they are rigged for their own political games and what-not. It’s a bubble in their case.

Face it, you can’t be the next Jim Lee, nor the Next Bansky, but you can be yourself at best. You might not be as famous, wealthy, nor have any of their perks, but there are hidden costs to being them too. So, you should be care of what you want to become let alone wish for.

It might take a Decade

This thing we are all going through, building, working on, or investing in.

It might take not weeks, months, seasons, years, but a decade.

For that thing to become mainstream,

Fully Intergrated

Galvanized Fully

For the World to be ready

Even then-many of what is yet to come might be half-baked at best.

So, do yourself a favor, start now, invest as much as you can while the world is distracted, and too busy sorting it’s self out. You as an indivual or small team…might have be able to slip past before the mainstream catches wind of it, before the marketers and regualtions comes in to hijack and ruin it as always.

In the meantime have fun in that small oasis or frontier you found, it might be good for several years or a decade.

Snippets vs The Big Picture

There are a few different layers of reality.

But let’s use the timeline context.

Snippets are mere fragmented, tampered, and often unobjective peices of information or content that is only revelent to the momoment or “the times”, wheather it’s the breakign news of an artists tracing something, to the big platforms doing something faulty again. But, that’s the thing, humans are fallible, and the scens that follows devovles into scandals and other “not to do with my business” sort of thing.

But that the thing about snippets. People like them because is akin to Intellectual JunkFood would be best term.

Eventually, just like junk food people who consume it will get lethargic and be out of shape mentally. They won’t be able to perform well with all that data clutter in them.

The Bigger Picture-perhaps a historian would be the best example of those who use this principle well. Using the whole timeline of an event or saga, a human Story if you will. Has all the pieces put together to make sense of the whole situation. Whether it’s the prediction of the World Wars, to the Modern 21 century pandemic. The bigger picture gives context and actual menacing of the whole thing objectively. You want to Have this priciple on your side becuase it gives you a following of advantages.

You’re reality and world you want to craft will most likely be predictable.

It’s Stable and Steady climb or decline of something you want. The Bigger Picture is a vision as it’s a timeline.

The Bigger Picture is a timeline of events that is chronologically placed to make sense of the Story you want to take part in or investigate. It’s a documented marathon.

So to copy and paste with you .

Big Picture-Steady, Stable, Predictable

Snippets-Of the Moments, Turbulent, “unpredictable”

After People stopped caring-What’s Left?

Here is a thought experiment.

Think in the very near future after “the times” have passed, after the dust have settled. People will most likely go on with their lives and stopped caring altogether, in fact they might forget about the whole fiasco due to how overblown or cover-up it became.

Now when we think of stopped caring about______. Let’s use a few examples.

Breaking News-what ever is going on and seems to be alarming for the moments, but it will go away most likely.

Crypto-let’s face it, most of humanity is too dumb to figure it out and they tend to be too distracted and difficent to make good use of it.

Art and Game trends-Hyperrealism, Pixels, Kickstarters, Challenges, speedruns, people won’t even think about it anymore after a year, let alone value it.

and the list of “the times” goes on.

After they seemingly “stopped caring” about the current events, they will move unto the next thing going down the pipeline, often with just as much artificial urgency and so-called importance. It’s just a sheer waste of time and energy to,

Eventually people will spot caring about it, social media, the current events, whatever new digital information technology driven trends society’s pipeline brings in. People will have to smarten up and get on with thier lives.

Here are some questions to ask after thining of what if people stopped caring about “the times” altogether.

What’s Next?

Where do We go?

What better, new or old thing to invest in?

What’s Left in my case? After I stopped caring about the DarkSouls Inked series perhaps a year or two from now? Or even this upcoming season? Let alone realizing that selling my prints will be a mere routine?

My Originals, My other Hobbies, My Experiences and Knowledge, and anything I have on me.

The Solitary journey-You might have to do this alone.

This is a rather contrary thing to say in the age of so-called “we are in this together” or, “social/digital/cberntic community”. It’s really a facade of shallow people wanting uselss vantiy metrics as always. Through history, the best minds have done thier best works all alone, while building up to that point.

Whenever I do my work, I tend to work alone. There is very little to no documentation nowadays, so newcomers tend to be guessing what is going on the back-end. Plus I’m, not on a streaming platform since the setup of the account and to acquire the hardware and software to get it ready is beyond not only my scope, but I just simply don’t care enough to go that far. I don’t do groups either since I have tried many times, but ultimately you get nothing done. Goofing off isn’t an option when making a product.

Whenever I do my invoices and check the shipping, I do it alone. Self explanatory since most of my transactions and interactions is done via a computer and keyboard. I just type commands and click away what the orders are all about, no yelling or screaming here in my ‘cave.

All responsibility ultimately is done alone. I strain my ear, what do I hear? The small hum of my machines and perhaps the noticeable droplets of rain from a meter away above draining into the basement level. There is no person to check on my progress, only me and the project I have decided to sign up for years ago.

So, it’s kind of off putting to see people online whether though the forums, chats, groups, to even live streams with others in a studio. Just looking at them, “socializing and goofing off”. It’s kind of a waste of time, energy, seemingly everything if their caliber is so low and not worth investing in. What value do they actually make for the market? Right?

Let’s Define the Solitary Journey.

One will have to make it on their own. And what I mean by making it, a self-sustain lifestyle that you built all by yourself.

The solitary Journey, it’s something you gamers, aka my customers and clients should be familiar with. We both know that the Chosen Undead, to the Good Hunter tends to do their missions alone, starting off with a simple note of initiation to adventure. Oftentimes, the start of it will be hard to “get” since one will get snippets and advice from various fragments out there. Expect to fail on the first “big try”, you’ll have to pickup where you left off from a safe distance and get back up there again. Chances are, you;ll figure out this “big try” on your own, use your own judgement.

Sounds familiar? What the first few to several minutes of a typical “souls” game is like.

You’ll be taken to bigger places, and will meet help and aid along the way, you can call them to help you on “bigger tries”. They will help, but only for a certain amount of time. Expect to see many characters and folks in your Journey to come and go. “Jolly Cooperation” you;ll get, but in the end you’ll have to face the “last challenge” alone.

It’s a build up to what you had to do since the beginning, That simple note you where given to start it all, facing what you need to do alone. You either pass or fail the “last challenge” but assuming you took lots of prcautions to come back up for most attempts, you will get to the end. What’s left?

There are a few feelings one might get after finishing thier “Solitary Journey”

A sense of completion, maybe wanting more or it, nullness, or in my case, exhaustion on various levels, thinking what the ordeal was all for.

So, if you want to initiate the Solitary Journey, ask your self if it’s worth it and if you want to do it for yourself?