You won’t be the next(_______)

You won’tbe the next miyazaki, the moebious, or jack kirby.

Chances are, an attempt at replicating them 1/1 will not really be the ideal thing.

There are a few reasons or excuses of why it’s not possible to be the next named legend.

You can try to replicate their skills and techniques to a near exact level. But in reality, the fundamental aspects could be missing.

There is even an idea of human printers going at their works via copying, but it lacks “soul”

so, to give them the printers some issues.

Give them an assignment of making a work that evokes the spirit of the legend’s work.

Chances are they can’t capture that spirit. Mere copy machines that can’t think beyond their limited spectrum.

The legends have entire life stories to talk about, and their works shows that. They experienced things that will not be experienced by the copycat since they can’t go back in time to experience the world events that unfolded the legend’s childhoods and young adult years.

Not to mention the gender, ethnicity, religion, social economic status, nationality, and other complex factors at play. Let alone if they even have the mindset.

Some legends keep their words and secretes to themselves to the grave too.

Not only mindset, but “the idea” is what makes their work different from the copycats.

The copycats can try to replicate on the technical level, but they will never have that spark of “original ideas/processes’ that makes the legend’s ideas work in the first place.

You can try to draw like them, but chances are they will look less like an “inspiration” and more of a “cheap copy” that is a pale imitation and could be a large disservice to the original creator actually.

The best you can do is to just simply emulate and take as much other places of inspiration to essentially make something original or at least a pastiche.

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