Working on a few “tank” renders

it’s not exactly been a full year in since the digital attempt has been started.

But been playing around with the ideas of tanks and anything that has the trait of one for a few or several months now. Whither it was the early Pen and Marker Renders of walking to flying tanks.

To recent digital layers over unconventional designs. There has been progress.

The Pen and Marker idea were rather limited in the type of renders that could be made via on paper of limited size alone. As a result there were constraints and certain details and functions that wasn’t added. But, the ideas were downright outlandish at best.

A balltank with a paintjob, the soviet made a few designs simply known as “IS-8balls” Likely a good gyro-stabilizer and new type of transmission would be needed to make this unorthodox design work.
TankCycle-somehow the snowmobile is the only working real-world technology out there. The lack of shock absorption and clear indication of steering would baffle many on it’s actual workings.

The ideas of shapes of other things with treads was something history did think of for some time. Since the era of the first world wars and the pre and post era. There are a number of articles that shows them being in various stages of development and even people riding and piloting them to various degree of success.

Since the dawn of things like Sci-Fi magazines that feature very Retro-Futuristic technology to just swashbuckling misadventures that reflect it’s times.

Tanks in various outlandish forms might still be the breeding ground for conceptual designs to be used in the entertainments industry such as games and films.

Who knows, maybe in the far future tanks in these unorthodox forms will be more practical.

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