The Digital Attempts-the 100hr project.

Recently, in the last month or so, I have read an article from the regular blog or place i read from Seth Godin’s Blog here.

It’s called the 100 hr asset and from what I got making the 100 hr asset might be the most important thing I have attempted this year.

It’s been on my mind for a while given the post’s date and since the world moves so fast, it felt a while ago.

The final push to really start the digital attempts started from a client’s request to do some concept art or thumbnails, which isn’t so far-fetched in the type of work i have attempted through the years as an illustrator or visual technician. It’s during the digital process how i learned much of a blind spot my work have. And realized it was about time to make some improvement or get a foothold in the 100hr project/asset that kept bothering me for weeks or a month.

There were early attempts from years ago, but they aren’t that remarkable, and the early years of trying to understand the concept of digital art was frustrating. So the tablet and the full abilities of photoshop was laid off for a few years until the recent weeks.

After the idea of the world’s industries and market is becoming more digital, it’s only natural to try to understand what the market wants, and if they need digital assets, it’s only logical to follow suite.

Fast forward to the year 2021 the dawn of Spring season.

Much have been going on for sure, by the time this post have been made.

But, it’s important to keep focused on things that matter. Such as tending to customer’s issues, and maybe diversifying or updating your portfolio and ways to generate income.

although most of the Digital works have not been shown as part of the portfolio here on the site.

Places such as twitter(recently made) and the long-timer reddit has been the main sites for carrying on the newer works unto public eyes.

Some examples of the recent works.

Will digital art be the main focus of my works?

it’s hard to say, but will mostly be a major asset for prototyping, finishing, and even full out products be made out of the technology given the situation and economy surrounding it for the last decade.

Perhaps digital art will be a mainstream investment or collectible if the system around NFTs and Crypto is more established and people start to come to terms with said newfound technology.

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