The mainstream is dying, or at least mutating to a point of becoming an inbred abomination. A shallow shell of the human species it has become due to over commercialization and exploitation.

But then again, there are the rise of Super/Hyper niche cultures. It might become a thing very soon with the rise of surface and deep digital and social credit surveillance. With the rise of the old-timer knowledge of notebooks and passed down generational skills and knowledge, just like apprentice and master.

Hyper niches is on the rise due to how saturated the internet and the globe is becoming. Being an exclusive will be the norm in certain sectors in order to persevere the art form and to prevent it from falling into other third parties.

Perhaps back in the last century, it was called Subcultures, but nowadays it has to evolve to meet the modern demands and pace of today. So the Hyper Niche has to be born.

It’s going in a direction where having a more closed tribal type of community to protect the individuals and small groups from over-exploitation will be common practice.

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