Nuanced Expertise

People these days, too hardlined. And lacking that other “ting” if you will.

Nuance of knowledge, and experience.

The idea that one hardline ting is the be all and end all of it is what causes the the whole project to fail. It’s lacking the nuance of how to use it in a tactful and useful manner. It’s all about the right tools for the right jobs, but with techniques in mind.

For example there is a claim to not use references because it’s akin to tracing, or some other outlandish claims in the drawing world.

But then again the more nuanced way would be to use tracing for technical work like animation and to experience one’s ability to “get” a style or how to draw in a certain way. While references is used to have some basic knowledge of where to start from when making something new or a branch of a ting.

The only serious problem with nuanced experience is that is does have some requirement to be applicable. namely experience and the ability to make good judgement-calls on it.

It’s like trying to teach humans to be human, there isn’t much “formal education” to help one’s in this post/topic.

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