It’s not a Tool problem, it’s a Technique problem

It’s an age-old thing, people either blame the person, the tool, everything, but often miss out the key thing.

Sure, there is the saying for the right tool for the right job, but it’s all contextual.

Techniques and Intent.

Now this can apply to anything that needs skill and training.

Technology and the principles behind it tends to move the progress of things forward. But the thing is, people aren’t used to change at the rate the modern 21st century is moving at. Much of humanity could barely grasp the internet, and the previous generations are simply stuck in their ways for the worse in today’s context.

However, when it comes to craft works and doing things that require skill, the tools may have changed to an extent, or not so much, but the underlining fundamentals like perspective, scope of work, and even color theory still applies to making the work.

You still have to have taste despite using a stylus instead of a pen. You still have to practice the basics even if you have the latest hardwares and softwares with incremental updates to the bugs every few weeks.

Your discipline and routines to make the work still counts.

It’s that simple.

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