Boring but Profitable

This term, right here might be one of the most underrated things.

‘See, people these days want to go for something rather exciting and sexy to work on and talk about with their colleges and peers. It’s thanks to the old-world social status effects. But in reality, the cost of working on these exciting, and often unprofitable businesses aren’t worth putting your life’s risk at. Unless you have the guts and sheer insanity to do so.

Boring and Profitable is common in the marketplace actually. People(or BOTS?) online sell simple digital products and services in scale and overtime these things tends to sell like hotcakes.

Why? Because it’s practical to buy a PDF package with all the templates and instructions to newcomers needing affordable concepts that is easy to grasp. It’s like selling toilet paper, no one “wants” it, but then again it’s quite needed.

So, consider this, what you think is a boring but profitable niche?

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