My recent works for summer 2020

so, it’s been a while since writing about my actual art recently. Since the last major focus was on non-tangible abstract things right? Fear not, ‘been working on a few mockups of somethings. And despite their crude state, they might be worth investing in. Assuming I even care about these things for a bit more longer.

Adding more digital layers to my sketches and work in general has been somewhat of a dormant thing, despite me having a library and tutorial in regards to them should the day come. Yes, there are things like photo-bashing, speed painting and all those digital exclusive techniques. But then again using principles and elements of them to add to my sketches gives a new kind of dimension and possibility to their otherwise basic and just physically limited traits.

adding textures from assets taken from the ‘net, able to give a material feel to the designs and just insist that they are from our world.

Current ideas is to use this rediscovered digital techniques to make adequate mock-ups for possible clients and customers needing something that is fleshed out quick enough, but not overtly polished and taking too long.

Assuming my machine doesn’t kick the bucket and crashes due to the sheer amount of power needing to run the ‘shop and how rickety my machine is.

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