Material of the year 2019-Cardstock

So, this is a long one, but it’s because it has been a recurring thing for the year 2019. That’s 12 months. And I been able to do much with it.
Card-Stock. A type of paper that is seemingly overlooked in a world where art boards and Bristol is king. It’s kind of a strange thing for me. Since, I’m used to for a couple years using larger and higher quality types of paper. But with the booming days gone, it’s kind of a thing where I felt that for a certain amount and a bulk stack of them, it’s logical to take this route and make a plan around how to make work for myself and client’s eventually. And it did after half a year.
Is the material good enough for work?
Kind of, it can do a bit of everything such as washes and holding up to layering of markers too. So, it’s can holdup. But don’t expect it to do very heavy amounts. It will do sketches and light conceptual easily.
What is it best suited for?
Sketches. Sketches for sure, due to the fact it’s in the 8.5×11 inches range and most of so-called “best ideas” are sketchers often, people want my ideas mostly. And sketches are adequate enough to get it across.
Earlier this year, I did do inking for sure, but that’s about it. It can for sure have a crisp clean finish when it comes to ink.
What does it mean?
Well, it’s nothing short of being economical and it’s to sustain my creative work a bit longer. Given the type of works I’ve been assigned to, it’s kind of a logical move to use something that supports it.
Does it give me any serious advantage?
in some ways yes. Given that it’s already a standardized paper and size, it allows me to refine my technicians and ideas within it’s limitations. Having more doesn’t mean better always. What it’s good at is that it gives a better working surface than simple copy paper where it can fall short in the durability department.
Is this something most people can get behind?
in the direction where it’s either Digital Only, or something higher-end is used. I have doubts that the mainstream will “get it”. There is a skill gap to jump through and most likely my kind of work and knowledge around it is too niche for many to care. ‘See, we no longer live in the 70s-80s anymore, production art done on paper is becoming very very rare, and chances are those who do it for a living have been doing it since the post-war eras. They been doing it that long and I have doubts that they will even give chance to share their knowledge online.
Who does this material suit?
Those needing a practical material to work from. It’s inexpensive and it’s viable for those starting to upgrade from copy paper and want to start doing light renders of ideas and works they have in mind. It can hold up to quite a bit of work, and chances are, it will give it’s bang for the buck. Plus the scans are quite clean too.

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