2019 Sketchbooks-And a few roughs

So, it’s a bit of a late thing for someone like me to get into sketchbooks, started like during late summer, so it’s more than halfway mark that I decided to buy this thing.

And into a rather Knarly habit of working on it by-all means necessary frequently(often but not daily). Don’t know why I started suddenly. Like, it’s a sudden hunch where I simply felt the need to regain a seemingly lost habit and sub-skill. The skill of sketchbooking.

Jake Parker have mentioned this idea in a video, but the thing about sketchbook is this, it’s a way for not only artists or drawers and even architects to work on the go. Like even painters do have these too. (no, canvas based painters gets ruled out from this particular ballgame. too bad)

The Idea is this, it’s not only the ability to work on the fly when on has an idea, but it can double as a record of your thoughts, in the very moment, so it’s an essence capture.(better wording for this must be found) Sketchbooks are pretty cool in hindsight, since my best and most creative ideas came from either, loose leaf or sketchbooks. It’s that blatant. Since there are no fear of material or costs associated so much with sketchbooks in general(unless you go the gold or platinum standard types..) there is an ease of pressure of trying to make things illustration or finished render grade. It’s this pressure of trying to make a master piece every-time is what makes artists and illustrators do too much, or something goes sideways with their work and career in some cases.

the idea behind this year’s sketchbook. well, it’s a bit of somewhat new things, but also revisiting older concepts from 2017-2018. So, some recurring designs and ideas have arrived. Like, there is a thing about, either talking about storytelling or thinking of technical designs. and the ideas tend to be somewhat polarizing.

The iconic Grey brush with picked out details. a trick that is adopted from Scott Robertson’s Student sketches books especially for the development for Hawken.

I think his name is Darren Quach or something.

But, yes.

2019, not much made, but enough to get something going again.


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