All the extra work-what social media and other expectations did to my creative endeavors

It’s been a several months since I have left I.G. and other platforms, in order to focus on things that actually matter, doing things that actually brings value to people. The problem with ‘social is that it creates a false set of expectations and values. It’s forcing the illusion of creatives have to “hustle” and “post daily” that is causing much burn out issues and what not. It’s a zero-sum game since, the so called Likes and Follows have no real value or results actually. There is no point in creating hypey content. In fact it’s better to focus on the end results and do small briefing afterwards.

So, it’s a case of playing stupid games, win stupid prizes.

So, to give an example of what I managed to inflict on my self in this case. I have a lot of work right? Well, they really aren’t necessary to my Brand or Craft I’m trying to work on. In fact they may well be akin to creative garbage since, they are simply taking up physical space and I ended up wasting money, resources, time, and attention, all worked up for basically things that doesn’t matter 2-3 years down the road. The Social Media game is basically defunct for me, and my personality isn’t optimized to work with it. It’s an unsustainable thing. they always have been coming and going, so why bother? Better to build your own thing like this wordpress site here.

What’s the point of liking an online image that is overtly far removed from the reality one lives in? Very little if you ask me, and it’s a stupid one too. You really think people online cares about your art? Guess again, they could care less. They only want content, nothing more. They are that shallow and most likely will be forgotten 2-3 years down the road.

Like, that post where you have about incalculably amounts of vanity metrics will not matter most likely in the decade to come, since it’s worthless thanks to “Digital Social Hyperinflation”, and you will get used to it, just like hedonistic adjustment.
I’m here like, just thinking how much wasted every thing went to the worthless social media game. Got basically nothing of value and it’s something I end up hating more than real work. And wondering what to do with all this junk of work I have in folders and boxes.

In my darkest times, I realized a few things. When the power, or wifi goes out. For a week or so, being on my own truly. These followers, or liker, they aren’t help. They can’t really change my life for the better. That was the biggest kicker to see who to trust and work with.
Best bet is to quite the game to wrap up the decade and start working on things that is of value.

If this social media game worth playing? The rhetorical answer is this.

No, because after a while, you’ll know that it’s a stupid game that gives you stupid prizes.

In other words create content that is good and will be talked about for years to come.


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