How to market your creative work-For Customers and Clients

There are a few ways to market your Creative Work, but it’s about the service or product application for this one.

To explain it, it should be verbal and visual so customers or clients will “get” with minimal explanation since the the thing you are selling is well…so self-explanatory.

This can range from a simple mock up with a sales copy, to well, a full-out video.

The thing is, you want to present the creative works in a light where it’s used for a commercial or domestic purpose. If that makes sense.

So, framing your work and developing a demo reel is a good way to show that your work isn’t just some pretty pictures, but a fully realized wall or room decor that can be used for themselves.

Learn to Care about your Results for your Buyers/Hires, so solving problems and the by-product is something you want to have in mind when marketing these.

Ask your self this, what are some of the results that buyers have in their core problems that you want to solve?

Humans buy stuff because of incentives and there is a bit of psychology to it.

You have to figure out the incentives, and learn to well exploit it if you want to get stuff out of them. No, it’s not as nefarious, but that is the gist of why people do what they do, they buy, build, work, all because of incentives.

For the Artist trying to sell, the incentives would be the lines of home or room decor, or designs for their mug or something, but yea, these are rather novel things, but, it’s a billion dollar industry that not many people tend to point out.

You also want to hang around where the economy is, visibly.

So, learn to keep close attention of where the action is. Whether it’s at a local craft event for vendors, to an online e-commerce hub where global folks comes over to buy.

Examples could be like, Fiverr, and Etsy to name a few.

True enough they have their kinks and issues, but overall, for starters, it’s where the action, or the cycling of money is ever-so visible.

It’s easier to set up a business from these commerce platforms than trying to work from scratch, which takes a Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to pull off, and even they had to work decades on it.

The Problem with Social is that’s too social, even with the addition of the E-Commerce and online business integration, at it’s core, it’s a platform for millions or billions of non-buyers to hang around and chat. It’s not clear in intent that where transaction is taking despite in reality, there is indeed action and transaction taking place in places like FB or Instagram daily with thousands or millions being carted around back and forth.

You want to ask yourself and the brand you are building this.

What you want? Not want? And Be known for?

It’s a simple series of questions, but will test your beliefs.


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