Problem Solving made easy-It’s not as hard as you think.

Define the Problem-then Build the Solution

so, to make the solution building more effective and actually worth it. You need to figure out the problem, or the bottleneck to your business and life. Like, this is the most critical aspect of your not only business, but life too. Most of our life comes from trying to get away from problems either by external or internal means. And this is mostly considered philosophical, but also there are practical ways to get into this mindset.

Like, the problem might not be as complex for most people.(Unless you are doing SpaceX or Microsoft level stuff, most of your problems are relatively doable.)

For example, in my case. I felt the need to get away from it all. The action caused me to lose sight of what I actually want to do.

A few key things I do to solve my problems is to for sure put a lot of things on pause.

‘See, the problems comes from, often times clutter, the overexposure and overflow of well everything. From the media, technology, to even something simple as food. So, after chopping a lot of things that is making my life a living hell, I found the epiphany. I just had to do a few key actions for my business and brand to go forward. And it was more or less easy to pull off.

they are either

  • technological-getting software or something to automate or streamline the process.
  • Hardware-having tools or equipment that allows to leverage your actions tenfold.
  • Funding-grants, patreon, sponsorships, the list is suite vast.
  • Practical-you actually needed less things and time than you thought.
  • or a shift in mindset-you had the problem in your head all along or your answer was with you the entire time.

the list is seemingly endless but really it’s based on the principles of what your options are on hand to solve it. It’s not always the case of buying the new tech or something, but sometimes, the cheapest, or more practical option option is the best bet for you.

the main ideas of different types of solution is to have a layout of what methods or means you have actually at your disposal to optimize the resutls you want.

It basically boils down to the idea of what you actually want in on time and if it’s to do with your interest or not.

So, have a list of things you need done, have a layout of what options you have at your disposal, and see which courses of action is the best optimized ones.

For example maybe it’s more rational to buy a contractor to fix a house’s plumbing than doing it yourself since it would be much time to simply learn the basics, it’s better to save time and effort so you can focus on the more productive and focused activities like the business.

Another one would be to simply cart around your laptop since, buying another might be too expensive or something. Who knows, it would depend and the idea of long term telecommuting might be your thing or at home is better.

Like, the list of solutions you can come up with initially will be quite a few but by the end of the day, not as effective, learn to sit on it for a few days to test your beliefs.

The Bottom-line is this, if the solution is easy to understand, implement and follow in simple steps, you have a winning strategy. It’s not as complicated often. So ask your self, what is the easiest way to make it work?


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