How my art prints came to be-The process of getting a made to order product in development

Well…it’s not really a long story for this case but for sure, it was a series of trial and error on how my art came to be. Or specifically the prints that my fellow customers buy on etsy.

‘See, it wasn’t really initiated by me actually. More or less, the idea of prints came from customers and my art mentors, (posters, but be honest, for my case, they suck) suggesting and well, constantly bothering me on if I have prints of these available. After a year or so, and the concept of commerce for my art started to become a reality. It was not until, my arrival of grants to get my own self-employment up and running is that the print series really start to take it’s place.

There were a few attempts to get a working prototype for sure. Ranging from, simple, photo prints that have a finish, but not quite the way I wanted. Or even the dreaded cardstock series that were made at the local kinkos and the quality was awful.

So, after a month of running around town seeing which printer shops will do for my business model, I have finally landed on this kind of prototype.

It was not until a few weeks later that I go my first sale on the said thing and after working on the presentation and idea of how to present my work in a more pallet-able manner, things start to pick up.

And after the few sales the rest of the printing prototype is history.

here is a PDF file to download below.

Etsy Prints samples and copy version1


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