A thing for Divers, Robots, Machines, and Monsters-When Nerd and Geek culture was my sole friend.

How do I put it?
This concept of me having a thing for robots, divers, kaijus, and other scifi and fantasy elements must have come from somewhere right? well, hopefully that is the case. Truth be told, there is little recorded evidence of why I have a thing for it.

Some say that I was raised by that type of thing and media growing up, the other generation of well, kids that unlike the 80s where they fed on Transformers, and Voltron.

Mine was a long term exposure to many many things.

Ranging from Miyazaki Hayaoe films, Gundam Franchise, to even the infamous Gainax’s Evangelion. The list of these nerd/geek things are really extensive and well, trivial but that is the point.

It’s the sheer exposure to it that made my works reflect it.

Perhaps it’s from a lot of starcrafting, watching seemingly thousands of hours of media since childhood and working up to obscure and specialized stuff by the year 2012s-2013s.

Either way, the influence are no foot note for sure. Given it’s a decades long exposure.

well, to make the post short, it’s because I grew up on it and still think about it in my own little ways up to today. Like, it’s still a background interest and most likely will be relevant to my personal life since there isn’t much else to do.

As the Youtuber, Nake Jake would say-When Bioshock was my only friend.
Or in my Case, when Anime, Films, and Games, where my only real loyal friends.

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