Sketchbook works-it was a thing

So, before starting inks and drawings on lone papers and Bristol.

Well, there was a phase that was focused on sketchbooks more or less. And well, it’s a thing.

All started a few years ago and it’s run was well for a couple years before deciding that it’s enough.

So, the idea behind these sketchbooks is well simple. Freedom, Less Restraint, and just focused on being so-called creative. It’s a case of, me just seeing what I can see in the sea of squiggles and so forth.

Since it’s “just a sketchbook” that type of mindset allows me to work with less pressure in mind. And well, that’s the beauty of it actually. Sketchbooks are not only underrated nor misused. But can be pretty handy, especially for the traveling artist or for those who have too much ideas in mind per day.

On the bus? It’s fine, just draw,

In the food court? Draw while having your munchies.

Where else? Almost anywhere as long as it’s dry, clean, and has enough room to permit to use.

Like, Sketchbooks. It’s a good thing.

As for my end, well, it’s acting as a visual library of how it can hold in a few design sketches and concepts I’m rather fond of.

I can simple open up one, and see from years ago now, that I get to see what I was thinking of at that time.

So, it’s a case of me just brushing up what i know and adjust the issues.

Although nowadays, I simple resort to copy paper since I draw more simpler and focus purely on capturing the initial ideas more often before even considering a full on render or ink.

It’s all about intent really when working on your paper or surface, how far, or simple jolting down ideas.

Key word?

Freedom-anything goes….

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