Artist Productivity and Improvement Tips-The 5/25 Rule

Well, this is a recurring issue with almost all artists unless they really are deep into their career/projects.

They tend to all well…Dabble. And that is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Like projects, careers, pieces, and anything that needs a level of completion all needs this rule  and to make it better too.

It’s Called the 5/25.

Pick out the top 25 things you want to make, or advance on. And make it a thing that you can see in the foreseeable future.

Perhaps it’s the completion of you first artists website, or the creation of your next big series….

But, you have like, several other things in mind that you want to try out.

Well. First things first, write or type them out. 25 things you really want to do. Next number those things from 1-25.

the Next step is somewhat harder but, use the rule of the highest priority and wants to shift them out, if not the ease of completion.

Have like the top 5 things you have in mind.

They tend to be series that you are really stoked for, or the dreaded artist website, or even applying for a Grant, either way. Those top 5 are something you should have written on a note and taped unto your bedroom wall.

The rest of the 20 other things. You simply want to avoid at all costs, like, the plague keep those other distractions at bay.

That is the basics of it. Pick the top 5 things you want to work on, and Ditch the other 20. And grind down on the top 5 until completion.

This rule can be applied in other ways too. Like, the scale, or time. Think, getting the first 5 things down for the week? The tasks needs to be smaller and more manageable to offset it. It can be

  1. completion of a small-one off
  2. tend to a Workshop
  3. Chip away at a large work for 4-8 hr for the week
  4. Studying a technique
  5. or Posting the Complete work from last week

So, the final take away if this. List out 25 things you really want to achieve or complete.

Pick out the top 5, and Ditch the rest. You will get stuff done more efficiently and effectively this way, and get more clarity on what matters.

I give the courtesy of this tactic and strat to the one and only Warren Buffet (Billionaire Investor and author of The Snow Ball)


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