Artist Productivity and Improvement Tips-The Slight Edge

Lemme Guess you must one of those aspiring artists that looking up the masters of their crafts both from antiquity, and the centuries that rolled with them all to today. So, one must be thinking how to get there. How to achieve that mountain like state that many dream of.

Well, the answer is simple but not as historical sounding as it it.

The thing about every human that works on their lifestyle, projects, crafts. They all have a thing called the Slight Edge.

The formula goes like this.

Do a series of mundane/boring actions in small routines daily.

It’s not about the biggest tasks but the small subtle ways to get to a larger thing.

Some calls it a mini-grind, or chipping away, but the ideas are all the same.

Build a great achievement with boring but countless series of actions that got there.

For artists this can be applies like this.

  • Doing the gestures or studies daily for like, 30-40 min after your morning routines.
  • Posting only once on Social Media per day or whenever you routines it for the week.
  • Perhaps sending at least a few emails to companies or clients seeking your works daily.
  • Working on the larger piece for an hour or so.
  • Making a series of works where one prompt or piece is made per day for a set amount of periods.

The Final Takeaway is this. If the artist have a large goal in mind, don’t try to rush it. Instead. Work on the project in incremental, least resistant, boring, but easy to enter into routines.

It’s as easy to get into the routine and it’s easy to slip out of it, so be aware of what you are doing. Have a note of what result you want to give you a proper road map.

Use this rule for either Project Development, Skill Building, or Creating a large Collection of Works.

I give the courtesy of this tactic and start to the one and only Jeff Olson (author of The Slight Edge)

Links to the terms and further explanations.

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