BloodBorne-Painting with the Lunar Blood Pigment

It’s been like, 4 years-Time sure flies.
The Most notable and most well received series thus far. This is what my peak series are in many ways. Shaped the way I have approached my subjects and how ink became my go-to to do some serious work.
Like DarkSouls, Bloodborne also entered the wave of ‘Souls style game but the catch is, this was considered a one-off like the pioneer like Demon Souls. It was also during this time, that I was honing my inking skills despite being an early stage.
But, lets turn back the times to when project beast was just starting and people simply. Speculated. Oh boy, the hindsight. People going crazy over the bits of footage and all that…

Two Large Pieces in Ink on Bristol.

Due to my attempts at the series during the mid summer of 2017 for most of the season have I started to get some serious traction on the social media pages…and oh boy, the reactions. can become testimonials easily. Perhaps due to creating an economy around it in one go have I started to see how one can make money off fan-art and all that (separate article will cover that).

An experimental series of pieces that looked at what if they were, dioramas…

Frankly, this is a rather rare instance where, despite my lack of direct knowledge of the games from playing it but always, VaatiVidya giving me a tour of everything that was during that time. Culturally, it was also a breath of fresh air for the ‘Souls community at that time. A theme change and how things will be done. The Game was so successful that it has become it’s own community at this point. Well thriving and doing it’s own inner circle activities.
Reading upon the lore to get a rundown of what to expect and how to capture the essence of the subject is what became the focus of my take on the characters and concepts. But as always, I do try to use references to make sure there is a level of accuracy within my depictions…
Like, during the initial run of showing my take on the IPs during the summer of 2017, it was all good. In fact, selling the said fan-art was the most lucrative thing I have ever done. But, this was more or less a mere Beginner’s Luck.

Notable Trio of the Hunters…
These ones…they have a bad note.

Turn the page into next year during 2018. Things went for the worse in some ways. Not only did I put in more effort to be more prolific, but actually had like 3 waves during 2018. All spanning from Spring, until the early fall. That is like, half a year of just dedicating about 80% of my time, effort, resources into art and fan-art alone.
By the time this article is read, the 2017-2018 must still be around, in both prints and original forms. But in the end, was it worth it?

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