DarkSouls-How it Sparked,Ablazed, and Faded

It was the Late 2012. Recalled seeing the media covering games like DarkSouls and stuff. Was living in Japan for doing some work during that time. It wasn’t as mainstream given the demographics and the themes that game is notorious for.
But, this set a seed of ideas and recurring things that will eventually sprout into a fully fledged saga of Fan-arts that have seemed to make it’s mark during that time.
It wasn’t fully explored the series. I may have had my ass kicked attempting to play Demon Souls back in my former friend’s house. Yes. The PS3. Remembered when PS4 was just getting deployed. And Titan Fall was the thing too.
A year later, got to play bits of the first few minutes or hour of Dark Souls. again. More Death and Agony.

The Most Notable Goauche Works I made for myself.

It was only until the year 2016. about half a decade of trying to find my ways. Have the thing started.
During that time. I was working with the medium known as gouache(more on this in separate article) And the results of working on several pieces dedicated to the Soulsborne franchise was well….Luke Warm. Perhaps it wasn’t time for me. Maybe the art-style was not in vogue. It was not until a couple contacts from the Social Media pages, have I start to get some notice. They wanted me to do a few Ink drawings. Commissioned Work.
After Doing the work, and putting the finished pieces on social media, the user have found them to be rather appealing, a far-cry from the Gouache Series I have tried to work on. This was a hint to what direction my work can go in.

They hit hard, and have developed infamy.

It was during these times of the year, that I have discovered YouTubers like VaatiVidya, who was a fast and uprising personality, speaking for the ‘Souls community. Given how he explained the world building behind the ‘Souls universe. It’s apparent that his narrative will shape my understanding the characters and props that surround the subjects in a more intimate manner.
His videos are good. and of quality production, go check.
Either way, that series of works gave me the experience to get a thing going and preparing for things yet to happen.
A New year and new lifestyle actually. Started during the spring, and well. It was a slow thing. But, due to the rising popularity and cultural effect of the DarkSouls series on the North American demographic, things got more interactive with my works. I have decided to put about half or 3/4 of the year to creating the most notable series of my Dark Souls series up to date.

Classic Characters, now a meme

The Series that started to grant me a Brand Name of sort. People on Social Media was cheering me on, and other where noticing my migration from one series to another.It was quite a trip. and it was…a fun one. From the respective Trilogy of the games. I had to say, they were all fun to do.

Enemies from the 3rd game. Notable about them. Always on fire.

Taking Weeks to Months. Essentially my Summer was dedicated to making the series. By the time winter started to roll in as the autumn leaves settles to it’s bare branches. Life got darker.Sales have drought, and the former fans and onlookers must have left, the action was over. Guess it was time for me to go…
Starts off small, like a spark. Eventually add kindling, and it becomes a blazing inferno. After it’s time.
It will settle and what is left?


Links to the Originals and Prints 1, 2, 3,


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