BrushPen-how it’s shaping up for the first half of 2019.

Well, it has been well over a year or two working in brush pen, coupled with markers ,watercolor, or colored inks to add to the depth of it. What does this mean? well, I do plan to do the usual brush pen works in Straight Ink, on the standard Cardstock papers to keep practiced and well, to pump out content really. But, does this mean my rate of making the pieces will be as crazy back in 2017-2018? Well, not really.

Early 2018, just straight Ink.

True enough, I have been focused on more entrepreneurial efforts such as trying to study SEO and Copywriting to make my works more marketable on platforms like Etsy. It’s just, the problem with my pieces is that they may be prolific, but are kind of at the end of the current creativity well-in other words, I’m going to hit a drought in art perhaps.

But, in return maybe my works will be more of a higher quality or different take given that I won’t be pumping out like, 200-300 pieces like back in 2018. The Current Direction I was thinking of should I be not as prolific and that social media, at least the most distracting ones anyways, is that I make newer types of works such as the attempted one-page comics. That Thing about these is that it pushes me to have more context in a handful of panels and convey a narrative, as small, or a mere moment into it one can see it as.

From a time when my brushpen were, that much more colorful. With markers to support them.

Back in the 2015-2016, I did have a little try at the concept of artist graphic tees. And well, given it’s handmade nature, I think. I may have a comeback should I find a solid business model and create an isolated branch focused on selling graphic tees featuring my style of works, all original and focused on how to make the design be good on Tees.

Been listing out the first few several pieces of the originals on Etsy lately. At prices of $100-$120 it should be considered a good entry level series to what having my works are like. For example, compared to my BB and DS originals that goes for about $300-$500 range. I say it’s a good start off.

A few examples of what is being inked out in the last few weeks…
Rather notable designs I managed to draw out.

So, some of you guys might be wondering, what happened to me and meetups. Well, it a simple answer really. I can’t provide me with a value nor ROI that is helpful to my personal endeavors. It just the problem is this. Commuting via 3-4 different vehicles all across town, just to get to the cafe and draw, but the catch is, the cafe is too loud, I can’t concentrate, I find the expenses of trying to ink there is too much, it’s too detrimental. Long story short waste of everything. Time, Energy, Money, etc.

In the End. Too much time is spent not getting results, and adding more unsold or unsorted stuff in my boxes and folders. Like, I’m here asking myself, what is the point of it all? Frankly, this brush-pen thing may well be an ongoing thing for the rest of the year, or until I’m at my last breath.



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