Tools of the Craft-circa 2018


Well, it’s should be already be established of what I use often in my current works.
But for those wondering, I use the following.

Brushpen from pentel medium point, (the difference between a new and old one, side by side, one year difference). A Pretty Cool tool if you ask me. Handy to have cartridges when Inking with speed in Mind, but as always everything have a trade-off.
Uses Cartridges, so compounds in price unfortunately, prep up a budget for this case.

Untitled-1 copy

Cardstock Paper I just buy at the local Wall-Mart or Staples.(comes in 8.5x11inches), good for Inking and Marker Sketches, may well be my new go-to papers for on the spot sketches and demos to show-off on IG
Strathmore 300 series Vellum Bristol(the standard for either more finished works or comics)
The Standard for Making the Panels by hand on my current comic projects.


Grey Brushpens-something I just get periodically at the distant daiso store(Japaneses dollar-store basically)
Pigment Markers from Winsor Newtown.(which are getting phased out in my area by the way)
Ko-I-Noor Colored Inks.(unsure of how the others see it, but is a rather good ink for overlays and has a strong ability to tint. A bit too powerful and easily dries like real black ink. )

3Of Course, there are the Cutting Board, Utility Knife, Metal Rulers of various Sizes, and painters tape(blue preferred).
Some things are obviously used more often than others, while others are just once a while,
but the listed are the main things for most of my main works. The reason behind my rather regulated approach is that it’s more manageable. I have used a number of brushes and pens, but in the end only a few of them are worth using long term.
They are all good, but in the end the frequency of my use for them is rather Limited.

Just pick out the ones that will be good for you long term.

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